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  • According to www.dictionary.com a pedigree is defined as:


    - an ancestral line; line of descent; lineage; ancestry.
    - a genealogical table, chart, list, or record, especially of a purebred animal.
    - distinguished, excellent, or pure ancestry.
    - derivation, origin, or history:

    A pedigree is a tool breeders use to track animals in their herd.  The pedigree is used to determine breeding pairings based on family relatedness, color, or other characteristics tracked on a particular pedigree.  An animal with a pedigree is not guaranteed to be a better quality of an animal than an animal without a pedigree, but one can trace the linage on an animals with a pedigree compared to one without.

    Parts of a Pedigree

    Name:  The name of the animal includes potentially three different parts.  The prefix is the breeder’s name.  All animal’s in Hedgie’ List Pedigree Resource will have a breeder prefix.  

    The prefix is the breeder’s herd initials.  There should only be one set of herd initials UNLESS there is a special circumstance with co-breeding and that needs to be identified when registered.

    Multiple US breeders should NEVER be hyphenated.  For example MMF-GQHM.  Countries and SPB breeders MUST be hyphenated.  For example, HUN-ABC is different than ABC so all non-US/Canada breeders MUST be hyphenated.

    Every breeder that owned, leased or borrowed an animal must be included in the suffix sequence even if the animal did not produce for that breeder.  For example:  ABC Spike TUV XYZ.  Even if Spike did not produce for TUV, TUV is included in the ownership sequence.  This alerts breeder ABC that Spike was sold to another breeder by TUV rather than ABC Spike being sold directly to XYZ.

    Herd Initials:  Herd Initials are used to identify breeders on a pedigree.  Herd initials are similar to a social security number in that each breeder can only use one set of three or four letter herd initials on a pedigree.  Herd Initials MUST be consistent.  Each breeder can only be assigned ONE set of herd initials.  That way animals are assigned to the appropriate breeder database.  For example PMH is always PMH and never PMHH.  HAR is always SAHS.

    Sire:  The Sire is the father of the animal

    Dam:  The Dam is the mother of the animal

    DOB:  Date of Birth

    Verified:  This animal’s sire and dam have been verified as accurate by the original breeder.  Affiliate and Participating members can verify animals they produce within their Hedgie List Pedigree Resource account.  Pedigrees may also be verified by submitting an original breeder pedigree via the Admin Correction or Verification form.

    Unverified:  This animal’s sire and dam information has been provided by a breeder other than the original breeder.  This information is believed to be correct but has not been verified by the original breeder.

    Conflict:  The conflict designation is used when conflicting information has been submitted to Hedgie List Pedigree Resource and the conflict has not been resolved.

    Unknown:  This designation is used when the sire and dam are unknown and no additional information is available.  This distinguishes animals that are truly “unknown” linage from animals that the information has simply not been entered into Pedigree Resource.  To add linage to an animals, simply use the Admin Correction or Verification form.

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